To start the 2021 semester off, we were assigned to choose or create a mantra for ourselves for the year. This was intended to be a very personal project and time for self-reflection. For mine, I thought about how easy it is to get overwhelmed with the infinite possibilities the design world has to offer, so I often overthink and let the possibility of failure hold me back. In order to combat this innate fear of failure to instead focus on having fun getting to create, "Get out of your head" became my mantra. Created out of gold balloons as a metaphor for the lightness and freedom felt when you're not in your head, I took pictures of the balloons and arranged them to create my mantra. 
This project was assigned by Angela George of By George Partners and InLagoon Studios for the Visiting Designers class at TCU, an invite-only class where designers from around the DFW area assign different projects throughout the year. 

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